Transportation Insurances

Transportation Insurances

Shipping insurance is generally carried out in commercial affairs . All that may occur during the transport of passengers and goods against damage done by this insurance is mandatory. Shipping insurance can cover damage during transport , such as a one-time , all made ​​for a year in damage during transportation activities can be kind to meet . In general, the risk of malt , damage , theft, breakage are listed .

You can purchase insurance policies from brokers, agents or directly from insurance companies.

There are many types of freight insurance. These are like commodity shipping insurance, boat insurance, freight insurance, etc . If you need to get in to details:

Commodity Insurance :
This is an insurance which covers the risk of goods during land, sea, air and rail transport.

Boat Insurance :
This is an insurance which covers the risk of any boat in the sea.

Valuable Goods Insurance :
Commercial paper, mining, money and equivalents can be covered for any losses which may occure during transportation.

Freight Insurance :
The ship owner or charterer of the ship can guarantee its freight cost with this insurance. Freight insurance can cover also any lost of ship owner.

CMR Insurance :
All road transportation companies which make international road transportation must have this insurance. CMR insurance starts from where the shipping and delivery process started and ends at arrival point. Also this insurance covers all related working companies and staff.

Carrier Liability Insurance :
This is a type of insurance that must be performed by the carrier. This insurace covers any damage which will effect 3rd parties.

How To Calculate Premium In Insurance?

For calculation transportation insurance, it is important to know carrying vehicle, type of goods and its condition, distance and etc.

What Are The Risks That Can Be Covered?
There are 3 groups of risk allocation. 1. Narrow Assurance 2.Wide Assurance 3. War, strikes, lock-outs, confusion, and the People's Movement.

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