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Collect Freight Freight payable to the carrier at the port of discharge or ultimate destination. The consignee does not pay the freight charge if the cargo does not arrive at the destination. Detay
Collective Paper All documents (commercial invoices, bills of lading, etc.) submitted to a buyer for the purpose of receiving payment for a shipment. Detay
Combined Transport Means the carriage of goods by at least two different modes of transport, from a place at which the goods are taken in charge situated in one country to a place designated for delivery situated in a different country. Combined Transport is also referred t Detay
Commercial Invoice A document created by the seller. It is an official document which is used to indicate, among other things, the name and address of the buyer and seller, the product(s) being shipped, and their value for customs, insurance, or other purposes. Detay
Commodities Any article exchanged in trade, most commonly used to refer to raw materials and agricultural products. Detay
Commodity Code A code describing a commodity or a group of commodities pertaining to goods classification. This code can be carrier tariff or regulating in nature. Detay
Conference A group of vessel operators joined for the purpose of establishing freight rates. Detay
Conference Carrier An ocean carrier who is a member of an association known as a "conference." The purpose of the conference is to standardize shipping practices, eliminate freight rate competition, and provide regularly scheduled service between specific ports. Detay
Concealed Damage Damage that is not evident from viewing the unopened package. Detay
Consignee The receiver of goods, i.e. a freight shipment, usually the buyer. Detay
Consignment Goods shipped to an overseas agent when an actual purchase has not been made, but when the consignee agrees to sell the goods. Detay
Consignor The shipper of goods, or shipper of a transportation movement. Detay
Consolidation Collecting smaller shipments to form a larger quantity in order to realize lower transportation rates. Detay
Consolidation Point The location where consolidation takes place. Detay
Consolidator An enterprise that provides services to group shipments, orders, and/or goods to facilitate movement. Detay
Consolidator's Bill of Lading A bill of lading issued by a consolidator as a receipt for merchandise that will be grouped with cargo obtained from other shippers. Detay
Container A van, flatrack, open top trailer or other similar trailer body on or into which cargo is loaded and transported without chassis aboard ocean vessels.; a large rectangular or square container/box of a strong structure that can withstand continuous rough h Detay
Container Chassis A vehicle built for the purpose of transporting a container so that, when a container and chassis are assembled, the produced unit serves as a road trailer. Detay
Container depot The storage area for empty containers. Detay
Container Freight Station The location designated by carriers for receipt of cargo to be packed into containers/equipment by the carrier. At destination, CFS is the location designated by the carrier for unpacking of cargo from equipment/containers. Detay